Focus on Office Hours Panelists

Todd Reynolds
Violinist Extraordinaire
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Alex ‘4D’ Gollner
Apple Motion Master
Jonas Dautel
creator of PlayoutBee
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Alex Lindsay
creator of Office Hours Global
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Felipe Baez
on Making an HBO Documentary
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Laura Thompson
on Accessibility
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Hasmukh Gajjar
discussing his Digital First events
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Mobilearn website
Andy Carluccio
of Liminal Entertainment Technologies
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Greg Curda
Hollywood veteran sound mixer
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Greg Curda IMDb Greg Curda Professor NORD University
Greg Gibson
Virtual Events Specialist
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Greg Gibson Website
Charles Kline
Leading Colorist
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Charles Kline
Tony Mobley
Host of Conversations with Tony Mobley
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Conversations with Tony Mobley
Grant Whitehead
CTO of Obvio singing White Christmas
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Introducing Obvio
Tod Raines
Live Streaming Woodturner
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Woodturning Tool Store
Tláloc Miguel López-Watermann
Theatrical Lighting Director
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Light Conversations, LLC website