Yesterday’s Show: Ruthless Video Reviews

This Week’s shows

Monday’s Show: Focus on Final Cut Pro X
Tuesday’s Show: Ruthless Audio Review
Wednesday’s Show: MixEffect Pro with Creator Adam Tow
Thursday’s Show: Ruthless Video Reviews

Last Week’s shows

Monday: Focus on Q&A
Tuesday: Focus on Orchestral Mic Placement
Wednesday: Extended Q&A
Thursday: Todd Reynolds, Violinist Extraordinaire!
Saturday: Focus on Q&A

Focus on Audio Visual Tools

Remotely Possible with Founder Andrew Broughton
Isadora with Founder Mark Coniglio
Cinamaker Studio with Gary Baker & Benjamin Nowak
CamTrackAR with Joshua Davies from FXhome
Sound Devices MixPre with Jon Tatooles
StreamWeaver with Andy Carluccio with Michael Cioni & Paul Saccone
MixEffect Pro with Creator Adam Tow
Audio Kit with Matthew Fecher, Kennard Garrett & Henny Tha Bizness

Focus on Special Guests

Daria Musk Online Engagement Artist
Leo Laporte on Club TWiT
Andy Ihnatko Writer, Podcaster & Radio Host
Ellen Fitton Award Winning Sound Designer

Focus on Office Hours Panelists

Todd Reynolds Violinist Extraordinaire
Alex Gollner Motion Master

Focus on WWDC21

WWDC Edition: Part 1
WWDC Edition: Part 2

Focus on Office Hours 2.0 Tests

Office Hours 2.0 Test #1
Office Hours 2.0 Test #2
Office Hours 2.0 Test #3
Office Hours 2.0 Test #4

Focus on Testing HDR

HDR Test #3
HDR Test #2
HDR Test #1

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