Focus on Audio Visual Tools

Remotely Possible with Founder Andrew Broughton
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Remotely Possible
Isadora with Founder Mark Coniglio
Cinamaker Studio with Gary Baker & Benjamin Nowak
CamTrackAR with Joshua Davies from FXhome
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Sound Devices MixPre with Jon Tatooles
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Sound Devices MixPre
StreamWeaver Lite with Andy Carluccio
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StreamWeaver Lite with Michael Cioni & Paul Saccone
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MixEffect Pro with Creator Adam Tow
Audio Kit with Matthew Fecher, Kennard Garrett & Henny Tha Bizness
Apple Motion with Alex ‘4D’ Gollner
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Apple Motion
Ableton Live with Todd Reynolds
Ableton Live
Dante our focus on using Dante in Zoom
PlayoutBee with Jonas Dautel
Monogram with Andy Hayes
Apple Keynote a Video Production Tool
Apple Keynote
H2R Gear with creator John Barker
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H2R Gear
H2R SuperSource Layouts with creator John Barker
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H2R SuperSource Layouts
Luma Touch LumaFusion with co-creator Terri Morgan
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AWS Elemental Link UHD with Matt Vegas, Brian Bedard & Joel Reagan
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AWS Elemental Link UHD
Sound Devices’ A20-Mini with Jon Tatooles
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Sound Devices A20-Mini
Hedge with Paul Lombert
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Maestro with Felippe Nardi
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Maestro App for Stream Deck
FiLMiC Pro with Eliot Fitzroy
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FiLMiC Pro
Elk Live with Bjorn Ehlers & Stefano Zambon
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ProtoStream with Alex Gray and Aram Richard
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ProtoStream website
Future Moments with Gary Levitt and Wim De Nood
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Future Moments website
Klover MiK Parabolic Mics with Paul Trepstra
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Klover Products website
Behringer Flow 8 with Karl Asmussen
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Behringer Flow 8
SPX-GC with Tuomo Kulomaa
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SPX-GC website