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Web Construction with Kenn Jordan
Wednesdays 1600z | 9am (PDT) | Midday (EDT) | 5pm (BST)
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Isadora Lab:
Thursdays 2100z | 2pm (PDT) | 5pm (EDT) | 10pm (BST)

Monday 16 May 2022
Company Culture

General Questions
Company Culture
Whether you’re working with a small team or in a corporate setting, culture has a great impact on your organization’s success.

We’ll discuss the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to setting the tone for how you interact with your team.

Tuesday 17 May 2022
BirdDog Cameras with CEO Dan Miall

General Questions
BirdDog Cameras
BirdDog continues to push the envelope of cameras and convertors with many of our members using their products.

CEO Dan Miall will join us to discuss their newest offerings, their roadmap, and your questions.

Wednesday 18 May 2022
3D Apparel with Roz McNulty

General Questions
3D Apparel
Roz is a 3D Apparel Industry Advisor and Educator. Roz will give a quick overview on VR apparel design, XR retail, and her VR Fashion Museum.

Roz has over 200 self-filmed CLO 3D lessons online at Motif, but the dream project is the VR Fashion Museum – shortly to be up on the Oculus store.

Thursday 19 May 2022
NAMM and Cine Gear Coverage

General Questions
NAMM and Cine Gear Coverage
Our Planning for NAMM and Cine Gear continues.

Friday 20 May 2022

General Questions
Co-founders Kora Van den Bulcke and Thomas Soetens from Immersive Design Studios will present their CANVAS platform from the 360 degree CANVAS Studio in Monterey, Californa.

Immersive Design Studios is the leading software and design company defining next-generation bi-directional immersive & interactive experiences integrating UE4 & Zoom.

CANVAS powers a wide range of enterprise-grade solutions for the entertainment, corporate and education markets.

The platform is designed to be scalable either in the cloud or on-premise and operates entirely with a user-friendly mobile interface.

Saturday 21 May 2022
The Long Day

General Questions
Intermediate Slide Design: 2.5 Techniques to Bring Focus to a Busy Slide.
EDU Education Saturdays – Reminder, we don’t stream this hour.

Sunday 22 May 2022

1400z | 7am-8am (PDT) General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.
1500z | 8am-9am (PDT) Open Discussion – We don’t stream this hour.
A more philosophical discussion about Office Hours.

After Hours is Open when Office Hours is closed.

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Member Events

Conversations with Tony Mobley
Every Wednesday

2400z | 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | Midnight (UTC)

This Week’s Guest was Mitchell Hill

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“Birding with Lois” (BWL)Streams Live on YouTube
Every Thursday

2400z | 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | Midnight (UTC)
Hoping to encourage more people to enjoy bird watching, this weekly program features birders answering Questions sent in by viewers. Simple. Straight-forward. Enthusiastic. Fun!

To send in Questions, or join us on Mukana, or volunteer to help; email:

BWL is archived here on YouTube

Hybrid Ministries Tech Forum:

– 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | Midnight (UTC)
A bi-weekly Zoom show for and about the journey towards Online | Hybrid & Multi-Platform Ministry. What are your challenges? What are your potential rewards? How can we produce spiritual, engaging, interactive, visually interesting, good sounding online services and other events?

Join us for our panel discussion, special guests, and Q&A from you!

The Hybrid Ministries Tech Forum is hosted by experienced technologists, content creators, consultants, integrators, and church volunteers to help you on this journey and to explore the unique opportunities available.

This week on the Hybrid Ministries Tech Forum, Streamdeck & Companion- How to streamline and automate multiple steps in your workflow. Guest panelists welcome!

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