Week 5 – The Primary Storyline


00:00 Opening Titles and preamble
02:19 Intro to the Magnetic Timeline
03:23 Vertical Magnetism
05:08 Trackless Editing, Kinda, sorta.
05:59 Sync Audio/Video in a File Based Workflow
07:33 Intro to J-Cuts & L-Cuts in the FCP Magnetic system.
10:57 Detach Audio Do’s and Don’ts
12:48 Basics of Audio Work in the FCP Storyline.
13:47 Storyline Editing Fundamentals in FCP
14:11 Trimming in FCP
14:46 Basic Edit MODES in FCP
16:14 Q-Key – Connect to Storyline
16:39 The Primary Storyline
17:18 W-Key – an Insert Edit
18:24 E-Key – Append Clip to END of storyline
19:58 Short Preview: Auditions Described!
20:43 -Key – The Range Selection Mode
24:35 Audience Questions: Why different colors for Audio?
25:24 Some talk about Roles.
28:30 Aside: Why FCP was so misunderstood at first.
31:23 Intro to Secondary Storylines
36:27 Using Timing Tools in Connected Storylines
38:07 Audience Question: Managing Connection Points in FCP
40:49 Managing Connection Points in FCP
42:40 Audience Question: How To- Adjusting Trim Points
43:56 Music Video Example: Working in Highly Complex Storylines.
49:16 Audience Question: How does Snapping help align edits?