Week 2 – The Viewer


00:00 Opening Titles
00:48 Quick Review
05:08 Intro to The Viewer
09:27 Understanding the Single Window Interface
10:59 Video Scopes
12:29 Workspaces in FCP
12:59 Window Mode Icons
14:09 Intro to Ken Burns Effect
15:02 Color Correction Automation in the Viewer
17:11 The Re-Timing Control
18:33 Clip Speed Adjustments
19:23 Audience Question: Do you use FCP Audio and Color Match?
21:42 Full Screen Pop-Up Mode
22:49 Multi-Source Viewers in FCP
25:03 Using Dual Displays
27:47 Intro to MultiCam
29:09 Intro to Multi-Clip and Multi-View
31:53 Opening a Multi-Clip
33:05 Intro to “Progressive Disclosure”
35:04 Audience Question: Is a Multi-cam clip the same as a Compound Clip?
35:54 Mini Lesson: Original/Proxy Switching Benefits
37:54 Mini Lesson: Original/Optimized/Proxy Concepts
39:13 Audience Question: Can you demonstrate MultiCam switching again?
41:38 Audience Question: How do you Sync Shots for MultiCam?
44:54 Setting Camera Angles for MultiCam Workflows
45:38 Audience Question: Does FC Understand LTC Timecode for MultiClip Sync?
47:08 Video Only switching in FCP Multicam
49:11 Preview of Next Week’s Lesson