Focus on Special Guests

Leo Laporte on Club TWiT
Andy Ihnatko Writer, Podcaster & Radio Host
Ellen Fitton Award Winning Sound Designer
Ellen Fitton
Daria Musk Online Engagement Artist
Hugh Forrest Chief Programming Officer SXSW
Elmo Shropshire “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”
Jonas Dautel creator of PlayoutBee
Rene Ritchie YouTube Content Creator
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John Barker from Here to Record
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Nick Batt from Sonic State
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Daryn Okada A.S.C
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Daryn Okada A.S.C IMDb
Steven Moyer on Making an HBO Documentary
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Donald Boone founder of Boxed Up
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Terri Morgan co-founder of Luma Touch
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Luma Touch
Paul Lombert from Hedge
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Felippe Nardi creator of Zoom Maestro
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Felippe Nardi
Sam Kokajko Leader of Zoom Special Events Team
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Andy Carluccio President of Liminal Entertainment Technologies
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Greg Gibson Virtual Events Specialist
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Greg Gibson Website
Colleen Henry Streaming Media Expert
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Streamline Video
Tuomo Kulomaa creator of SPX-GC
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SPX-GC website