Week 4 – The Effects Browser


0:00 Opening Titles and preamble
02:24 Zone D – The Effects Tab Overview
02:44 The Effects Tab – Gateway to Motion and Logic
04:01 Gateway to Plug-Ins & Transitions
04:57 Effects & Transitions Sources in FCP
06:39 Logic Pro Effects Source in FCP
09:26 Transitions in FCP X
11:16 Transition generation hits the Metal!
13:34 Real Time Previews of Effects!
15:35 Example: More complex effects
18:56 How to Remove Attributes
19:49 FCP – Open in Motion Command
20:30 Apple Motion – Mini-Lesson
24:34 Publish Parameter in Motion
26:49 Audience Question: Are there 3rd Party Effects Packages Available?
28:38 Audience Question: How do we Find Quality Effects Packages?
30:39 Intro to Audio Effects
32:13 Audio Effects: Examining Audio EQ
34:31 Correcting for Room Nodes using Channel EQ Bands
36:28 Intro to FCP Transitions
37:30 Applying Transitions
42:03 Audience Question: FCP says I can’t dissolve between clips! Help!
46:28 Audience Question: Alt ways to fix “not enough media”
49:04 My Take on the FCP X Effects Philosophy
52:31 The Wrap Up
54:10 Audience Question: Tips for doing VO in FCP?
54:32 Audience Question: Demo the VO Module in FCP?
56:27 Audience Question: What VO Plug-in’s do you use?