Focus on Dan Tepfer

Dan Tepfer is one of music’s most formidable living talents, living in New York and touring and recording internationally.

Undefinable by style or genre, he interprets Bach as fluidly as he improvises within the language and repertoire of jazz, is a highly acclaimed composer and is really a ‘musician’s’ musician. Since early pandemic, his Monday livestreams at 2pm on Facebook(often with others across the internet) have been a welcome offering to the world community.

A collaborator of Lee Konitz, Pharoah Sanders, Renée Fleming, and countless others in the music pantheon, he is also, by nature and practice, a programmer. Natural Machines, which can be found on his YouTube channel, is a wonderful combination of programming in SuperCollider for Disklavier and Processing for live reactive video, all presented and keyed in OBS.

His tour de force, however, and the reason he joins us on Thursday, is– his new software still in beta, which allows musicians, theater artists, and anyone who seeks a synchronized experience to work together with high-quality audio in realtime, without negotiating a complex interface and with the ability to dial in their own level of latency for comfort.

Todd Reynolds and Dan will play together over a span of 150 miles/241.5 km using his software during the second hour.

For more information, and a tour around Dan’s work and life:

Plus if you’d enjoy making a clementine lantern – well, there’s that too:
Dan Tepfer on YouTube