When Office Hours Happens

Daily, but only streamed Monday to Friday from 7-8 am PT (10-11 am ET). Each week, Alex will send an email of scheduled events. You can join and drop at any time.

Be a Panelist

  • Join the call no later than 6:40 am PT
  • Decent video, audio, and Internet connection
  • When you join the Zoom, raise your virtual hand (bottom of the screen)
  • Keep it clean

To be an attendee

  • Join the call, but DON’T raise your virtual hand
  • You do not need video or audio
  • Questions for the panel in the Q&A
    • Keep questions short and simple. Long and off-topic questions will be dismissed
  • Chat room is for talking with everyone

The Discord Information

Discord link only is displayed at 6:30 am PT for 30 minutes. You MUST be on the zoom call (attendee or panellist) to get the link.
Do not share the Discord link.

Listen, Ask Questions and Chat with Mukana

We use a special program for chat and questions. You can also listen to the show if you cannot be on the panel.

See you at the next one!