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How do I join the Mukana discussion to ask questions?
We distribute the link to Mukana in Zoom chat.

How do I join the Discord?
We distribute the link for Discord in Mukana at 6:40am (PST).
Only available for 10 minutes.

After Hours Events

Panelist and Potential Panelist Meeting with Alex Lindsay
Thursday 22 December 2300z | 3:00pm (PST) | 6:00pm (EST) | 11:00pm (GMT) | 12:00am (CET)
Panelists and Potential Panelists: If you do not already see an “office-hours-2-panelists” channel in Discord, please send a note to Brandon on Discord and request to be added.

Ecamm Live Lab with David Paskin
Returning later in 2023
Ecamm Live Lab Videos

Stream Deck Lab with David Paskin
Returning later in 2023
Stream Deck Lab Videos

Speaker Workshop with Mitchell Hill
Wednesdays 2300z | 3pm (PST) | 6pm (EST) | 11pm (GMT) | 12am (CET)

Wednesdays 0000z | 4pm (PST) | 7pm (EST) | 12am (GMT) | 1am (CET)
Behind the scenes of the Conversations With Tony Mobley show in a breakout room. Starts one hour before Tony’s show.

Isadora Lab with L Wilson-Spiro
Thursdays 1700z | 9am (PST) | Midday (EST) | 5pm (GMT) | 6pm (CET)

Labs Archive

Monday 19 December 2022
Show 1000 | Focus on The 1000th Show!

Monday’s Show 1000
Focus on The 1000th Show
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General Questions
1000th Show!

Join us as we celebrate our 1000th episode with a look at the history, technology, and evolution of the Office Hours community.

We’ll reflect on our journey and express gratitude to our listeners, guests, and the team responsible for getting us this far!

We welcome your questions to the panelists and chat comments for the special extended edition of Office Hours.

Tuesday 20 December 2022
Show 1001 | Focus on Q&A

Tuesday’s Show 1001
Focus on Q&A
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General Questions


Wednesday 21 December 2022
Show 1002 | Focus on Understanding Mix-Minus

Wednesday’s Show 1002
Focus on Understanding Mix-Minus
clear space
General Questions
Understanding Mix-Minus

We’ll discuss the basic principles of mix-minus, how to set up a mix-minus system, and common pitfalls to avoid when using this technique.

Thursday 22 December 2022
Show 1003 | Focus on Prosumer v. Professional Equipment

Thursday’s Show 1003
Prosumer v. Professional Equipment
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General Questions
Prosumer v. Professional Equipment

We’ll discuss the key differences, advantages and disadvantages of each, and when to use one over the other as well as provide tips on how to choose the right equipment for your specific needs and budget.

Friday 23 December 2022
Show 1004 | Focus on LiDAR

Friday’s Show 1004
Focus on LiDAR
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General Questions

Nick Jushchyshyn joins us for a discussion on using iOS LiDAR for scouting, planning and 3D Visualization.

Saturday 24 December 2022
Show 1005 | Focus on Education TBD

Saturday’s Show 1005
Focus on Education TBD
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General Questions
Education TBD


Sunday 25 December 2022
Show 1006 | Focus on Introspection

A more philosophical discussion about Office Hours.

Member Events

Audio Talk and More with Marty Atias

Every Monday

(as available) 2300z | 3pm (PST) | 6pm (EST) | 11pm (UTC)

Monday Audio Talk & More, an extension of the Hybrid Ministries Tech Forum, is a relaxed learning opportunity for everyone regardless of skill level.

Bring your interest in audio, video, or web production as we learn from each other about technology, story telling, and Artful Intention.

Click here to register for this event

Conversations with Tony Mobley

Every Wednesday

0100z | 5pm (PST) | 8pm (EST) | 1am (UTC)

Click here to register for this event

“Birding with Lois” (BWL)

0100z | 5pm (PST) | 8pm (EST) | 1am (UTC)
Next Show: 26 January

Hoping to encourage more people to enjoy bird watching, this bi-weekly program features birders answering questions sent in by viewers. Simple. Straight-forward. Enthusiastic. Fun!

To send in questions, or volunteer to help; email: BirdingWithLois@gmail.com

BWL is archived here on YouTube