Week 40 2022

Monday 3 October 2022
Show 923 | Sean Cannell and Benji Travis on YouTube Influence

General Questions
Sean Cannell and Benji Travis on YouTube Influence

Before Influencer Marketing was a thing, there was Sean Cannell and Benji Travis of Video Influencers.

A lot has changed in nearly a decade, and we will speak with the YouTube Influencers to learn about their journey and how you can grow your influence.

Tuesday 4 October 2022
Show 924 | Voiceover Performers and Technicians

General Questions
Focus on Voiceover Performers and Technicians

Professional voiceover artist Jodi Krangle, as well as technician George Whittam and our own Mitchell Hill and Bill Davis, will discuss technique, performance and technology!

Wednesday 5 October 2022
Show 925 | Budget Solutions: Video & Lighting

General Questions
Focus on Budget Solutions: Video & Lighting

If you ask the Office Hours Panel for the “best solution” or omit a budget, they go right to the top shelf!

When can alternate techniques eliminate the need for gear?

When can budget options work — and when should you avoid compromises?

Thursday 6 October 2022
Show 926 | NDI Solutions

General Questions
Focus on NDI Solutions

Roberto Musso, Senior Product Manager of NDI Global, will be on hand to guide us through specifications and best practices that should be considered for your next NDI deployment.


Friday 7 October 2022
Show 927 | Focus on Isadora

General Questions
Focus on Isadora

Mark Coniglio, founder of TroikaTronix, and Andy Carluccio from Zoom will discuss the latest improvements to Isadora, including the IzzyCast plug-in for remote audio, video, and data transmission.


Saturday 8 October 2022
Show 928 | Distance Education

General Questions
The Education Hour: Distance Education

The dream of Distance Education may have finally been realized.

Education Hour will delve into the possible futures for teaching and learning at a distance in remote areas of the world.

Wednesday’s Show 925
Budget Solutions: Video & Lighting
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Thursday’s Show 926
Focus on NDI
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Friday’s Show 927
Focus on Isadora
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Saturday’s Show 928
Education Hour: Distance Education
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