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After Hours Events

Show Workshop
Tuesdays 2000Z | 12pm (PST) | 3pm (EST) | 8pm (GMT) | 9pm (CET)

Squares.TV Application Lab with Michael Forrest
Wednesdays 1800Z | 10am (PST) | 1pm (EST) | 6pm (GMT) | 7pm (CET)
Learn how to integrate Shoot Pro Webcam, Video Pencil and/or Beat Sheet – iOS and Mac-based live video production workflows from squares.tv

mimoLive Lab with Oliver Breidenbach
Wed Dec 13 1900Z | 11am (PST) | 2pm (EST) | 7pm (GMT) | 8pm (CET)
Brainstorming the “NDI-in-a-box” with mimoLive (2nd Installment)
Join John Ittelson and Oliver Breidenbach as we brainstorm and design the ultimate “NDI-in-a-box” system for mimoLive. Your insights and expertise are crucial! Come co-create the future of live video production with us.

Isadora Lab with L Wilson-Spiro
Thursdays 1800Z | 10am (PST) | 1pm (EST) | 6pm (GMT) | 7pm (CET)
This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to use Isadora for your own projects.

Labs Archive

Monday 11 December 2023
Show 1357 | Workforce Management

Monday’s Show 1357
Workforce Management
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General Questions
Workforce Management

How do we balance team growth, strategic hiring, financial resources, and preserving company culture in an evolving business landscape? Tune in for expert insights on efficiently managing a growing workforce.

Tuesday 12 December 2023
Show 1358 | Lab: Apple Motion Lower 3rds (Part 2)

Tuesday’s Show 1358
Lab: Apple Motion Lower 3rds (Part 2)
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General Questions
Lab: Apple Motion Lower 3rds (Part 2)

Part two of last week’s show. Apple Motion professional, Alex Gollner, will take us through the process of creating lower thirds.

Wednesday 13 December 2023
Show 1359 | Lab: X32

Wednesday’s Show 1359
Lab: X32
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General Questions
Lab: X32

In this Lab we’ll explore how to set up the Behringer X32 features for different types of events. We’ll look at output routing as well as inputs.

Thursday 14 December 2023
Show 1360 | Building LUTs

Thursday’s Show 1360
Building LUTs
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General Questions
Building LUTs

We discuss LUTs often in Office Hours but what is the actual process of creating them? We’ll discuss what LUTs are, how they work, and how to create them for Blackmagic and Sony cameras.

Friday 15 December 2023
Show 1361 | Power Hour

Friday’s Show 1361
Power Hour
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General Questions
Power Hour

How do we manage power while in production whether in the field or the studio? What power considerations should we keep in mind?

Saturday 16 December 2023
Show 1362 | Weekend Q&A

Saturday’s Show 1362
Weekend Q&A
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General Questions
Weekend Q&A

A marathon session devoted to Q&A for your most pressing production related questions!

Sunday 17 December 2023
Show 1363 | Focus on Introspection

General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.
General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.

A more philosophical discussion about Office Hours.

Member Events

Conversations with Tony Mobley


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0100Z | 5pm (PST) | 8pm (EST) | 1am (GMT)| 2am (CET)

Thank You Five – Weekly QnA Panel

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0300Z | 7pm (PST) | 10pm (EST) | 3am (GMT)

Bringing theatre artists from around the globe into a conversation about live theatre in a digital world with a spirit of gratitude and innovation.
Ask questions and watch five new artists each week wrestle with the question: “What is Theatre?”

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Birding With Lois

Birding With Lois (on hiatus) is archived here on YouTube