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After Hours Events

Show Workshop
Tuesdays 1900Z | 12pm (PDT) | 3pm (EDT) | 8pm (BST) | 9pm (CEST)

Squares.TV Application Lab with Michael Forrest
Wednesdays 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
Learn how to integrate Shoot Pro Webcam, Video Pencil and/or Beat Sheet – iOS and Mac-based live video production workflows from squares.tv

Isadora Lab with L Wilson-Spiro
Thursdays 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 13pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to use Isadora for your own projects.

mimoLive Lab with Oliver Breidenbach
Fri Sep 15 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
Oliver will be coaching the CwTM team, feel free to listen in while he provides guidance on using mimoLive!

Panelist and Potential Panelist Meeting with Alex Lindsay
Sat Sep 16 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
Panelists and Potential Panelists: If you do not already see an “office-hours-2-panelists” channel in Discord, please send a note to Brandon on Discord and request to be added.

Volunteer Meetup with Alex Lindsay
Sat Sep 16 1800Z | 11am (PDT) | 2pm (EDT) | 7pm (BST) | 8pm (CEST)

Labs Archive

Monday 11 September 2023
Show 1266 | Business Communication

Monday’s Show 1266
Business Communication
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General Questions
Business Communication

With so many platforms available to us, what are the most effective ways to communicate in business? We’ll have a roundtable discussion about how to use the various forms of communication.

Tuesday 12 September 2023
Show 1267 | Sketching in 3D: The Feather App

Tuesday’s Show 1267
Sketching in 3D: The Feather App
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General Questions
Sketching in 3D: The Feather App

Feather is a 3D sketching application for pen & touch devices. Anybody can create curves in 3D and hand over mesh data to other software from tablet, desktop, and mobile. The chief engineer Kyu (Kyuhyoung Hong), and the community manager Jenny (Haelin Lee) will join as guests. The chief designer Jun (Junwon Yang) will join the show to demonstrate the product.

Product page: https://feather.art

Video demo(Youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtt7XyyplLo

Wednesday 13 September 2023
Show 1268 | Ambisonic Plus Host Audio Pipeline

Wednesday’s Show 1268
Ambisonic Plus Host Audio Pipeline
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General Questions
Ambisonic Plus Host Audio Pipeline

We will walk through the 5.1 audio pipeline that we’re using at events complete with a demo of the process. This Q&A session is your opportunity to ask questions about the present, past and future of Office Hours immersive audio!

Thursday 14 September 2023
Show 1269 | Calvin Roberts

Thursday’s Show 1269
Calvin Roberts
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General Questions
Calvin Roberts

A former paratrooper, Calvin Roberts, has done video production on five continents at times in warzones, worked on feature films and more.  He will join us to talk about his journeys.

Friday 15 September 2023
Show 1270 | Solving Networking Challenges

Friday’s Show 1270
Solving Networking Challenges
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General Questions
Solving Networking Challenges

Bring us your production network issues! I plugged this into that and why doesn’t it work? Our expert panel will talk about the most basic of network troubleshooting.

Saturday 16 September 2023
Show 1271 | IBC Live Show

Saturday’s Show 1271
IBC Live Show
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 IBC Live Show

Office Hours Global is heading to the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, bringing you the latest tech and trends live. Join us to see the sights as we explore the massive show floor of IBC 2023.


Ask your content creation and video production questions live as we search for the best hacks, new tech and trends from the show floor.

Sunday 17 September 2023
Show 1272 | Focus on Introspection

General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.
General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.

A more philosophical discussion about Office Hours.

Member Events

Conversations with Tony Mobley

Every Wednesday

0000Z | 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | 1am (BST)
Click here to register for this event

Thank You Five – Weekly QnA Panel

Every Wednesday

0200Z | 7pm (PDT) | 9pm (CDT) | 10pm (EDT) | 3am (BST)

Bringing theatre artists from around the globe into a conversation about live theatre in a digital world with a spirit of gratitude and innovation.
Ask questions and watch five new artists each week wrestle with the question: “What is Theatre?”

If you’d like to participate check out the website:


Birding With Lois

Birding With Lois (on hiatus) is archived here on YouTube