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After Hours Events

Show Workshop
Tuesdays 2200Z | 3pm (PDT) | 6pm (EDT) | 11pm (BST) | 12am (CEST)

Squares.TV Application Lab with Michael Forrest
Wednesdays 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
Learn how to integrate Shoot Pro Webcam, Video Pencil and/or Beat Sheet – iOS and Mac-based live video production workflows from squares.tv

Canva and Keynote Lab with David Paskin
Wednesdays 2030Z | 1:30pm (PDT) | 4:30pm (EDT) | 9:30pm (BST) | 10:30pm (CEST)
We’ll embark on an epic journey with David Paskin into the intricacies of Canva and Keynote: two simple yet powerful tools to create presentations, graphics, overlays, videos, and more!

Wednesdays 2300Z | 4pm (PDT) | 7pm (EDT) | 12am (BST) | 1am (CEST)
Behind the scenes of the Conversations With Tony Mobley show in a breakout room. Starts one hour before Tony’s show.

Isadora Lab with L Wilson-Spiro
Thursdays 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 13pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to use Isadora for your own projects.

Panelist and Potential Panelist Meeting with Alex Lindsay
First Thursday of the Month 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)
Panelists and Potential Panelists: If you do not already see an “office-hours-2-panelists” channel in Discord, please send a note to Brandon on Discord and request to be added.

Volunteer Convocation with Alex Lindsay
1st Sat of the Month 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 6pm (BST) | 7pm (CEST)

Labs Archive

Monday 15 May 2023
Show 1147 | Business of Theatre

Monday’s Show 1147
Business of Theatre
clear space
General Questions
Business of Theatre

An in-depth exchange on how performing arts companies survive or thrive, the people working and consulting with these endeavors, union issues, injury risk, liability and more.

Join our own Tláloc López-Watermann (of Light Conversations, LLC), Kyle Hamman (owner KHB Media and Treasurer Strawdog Theatre Company), and Matthew Parker (Sound Designer at Asolo Repertory Theatre) along with special guest Aly Amidei (Assistant Professor of design at University of Wisconsin-Madison Theatre and Drama School of Education) for this insider’s view into the Business of Theatre.


Tuesday 16 May 2023
Show 1148 | Live Camera & Lens Tracking for Virtual Production

Tuesday’s Show 1148
Live Camera & Lens Tracking for Virtual Production
clear space
General Questions
Live Camera & Lens Tracking for Virtual Production

“Pixel Prof” Nick Jushchyshyn will join from Drexel University to show how live broadcast cameras and lenses are tracked in real-time to enable virtual production and augmented reality overlays for live streams and events.

Wednesday 17 May 2023
Show 1149 | Kilohearts: Phase Plant

Wednesday’s Show 1149
Kilohearts: Phase Plant
clear space
General Questions
Kilohearts: Phase Plant

Per Salbark, CEO and designer, and Per Larsson, Founder and DSP expert of Kilohearts join us to talk about their flagship product Phase Plant: a semi-modular, software based synthesizer made for music producers and sound designers.


Thursday 18 May 2023
Show 1150 | HDR Glass to Glass

Thursday’s Show 1150
HDR Glass to Glass
clear space
General Questions
HDR Glass to Glass

The complete HDR pipeline from lens to screen with Michael Drazin and Jim Toten.

Michael Drazin is a broadcast technical innovator who is leading the implementation of new technology that improves storytelling as well as the consumer experience. He has been part of the planning and execution of events across the globe at all scales.

Jim Toten is a creative technologist who specializes in engineering solutions for complex problems in the broadcast industry. He has played a pivotal role in the success of productions from feature films, broadcast production, live concerts and everything in between.

Friday 19 May 2023
Show 1151 | Cinegear Coverage Planning

Friday’s Show 1151
Cinegear Coverage Planning
clear space
General Questions
Cinegear Coverage Planning

We will discuss our upcoming Cinegear coverage and brainstorm ideas.

Saturday 20 May 2023
Show 1152 | Padagogy Wheel with Allan Carrington

Saturday’s Show 1152
Padagogy Wheel with Allan Carrington
clear space
General Questions
Padagogy Wheel with Allan Carrington

How do you decide on appropriate learning activities that achieve your objective? Special guest Alan Carrington will help us find “an app for that.”

Sunday 21 May 2023
Show 1153 | Focus on Introspection

General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.
General Questions – We don’t stream this hour.

A more philosophical discussion about Office Hours.

Member Events

Audio Talk and More with Marty Atias

Every Monday

(as available) 2200Z | 3pm (PDT) | 6pm (EDT) | 11pm (BST)

Monday Audio Talk & More, an extension of the Hybrid Ministries Tech Forum, is a relaxed learning opportunity for everyone regardless of skill level.

Bring your interest in audio, video, or web production as we learn from each other about technology, story telling, and Artful Intention.

Click here to register for this event

Conversations with Tony Mobley

Every Wednesday

0000Z | 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | 1am (BST)
Click here to register for this event

May 24 – 100th Show – Panel

Thank You Five – Weekly QnA Panel

Every Wednesday

0200Z | 7pm (PDT) | 9pm (CDT) | 10pm (EDT) | 3am (BST)

Bringing theatre artists from around the globe into a conversation about live theatre in a digital world with a spirit of gratitude and innovation.
Ask questions and watch five new artists each week wrestle with the question: “What is Theatre?”

If you’d like to participate check out the website:


Birding With Lois

Birding With Lois (on hiatus) is archived here on YouTube