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After Hours Events

Squares.TV Application Lab with Michael Forrest
Wednesdays 1700Z | 10am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 5pm (GMT) | 7pm (CET)
Learn how to integrate Shoot Pro Webcam, Video Pencil and/or Beat Sheet – iOS and Mac-based live video production workflows from squares.tv

Isadora Lab with L Wilson-Spiro
Thursdays 1800Z | 11am (PDT) | 2pm (EDT) | 6pm (GMT) | 7pm (CET)
This is an incredible opportunity to learn how to use Isadora for your own projects.

mimoLive Lab with Oliver Breidenbach
Thursdays 1900Z | 12am (PDT) | 1pm (EDT) | 7pm (GMT) | 8pm (CET)
The mimoLive Lab is a weekly community meeting to share knowledge and ideas about mimoLive. Oliver will try to make it to the meeting as often as possible.

Join the ⁠#mimolive channel on Discord for suggesting topics and updates on the weekly meetings.

Labs Archive

Monday 29 April 2024
Show 1497 | Cultivate Ad Agency

Monday’s Show 1497
Cultivate Ad Agency
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General Questions
Cultivate Ad Agency

Join Founders Chris Pierik and Mark Wierda as they break down the power of branding. Learn how to craft a strong brand identity that attracts customers and sets you apart from the competition.


Tuesday 30 April 2024
Show 1498 | Epic Updates

Tuesday’s Show 1498
Epic Updates
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General Questions
Epic Updates

Nick Jushchyshyn will discuss the latest updates to the Epic ecosystem, including a new suite of motion graphics tools for broadcast and live events. We’ll guide you through high end photogrammetry software now completely free for most users.

Nick’s Unreal Engine 5.4 playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWXvQZSGgrsNGW51vpohMZ27d_grNuxey

Wednesday 1 May 2024
Show 1499 | Microphone Selection

Wednesday’s Show 1499
Microphone Selection
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General Questions
Microphone Selection

Senior Market Development Manager at Shure, Laura Davidson will join us and provide valuable insights on selecting microphones to enhance the quality of your productions.


Thursday 2 May 2024
Show 1500 | Telling Stories with Editing

Thursday’s Show 1500
Telling Stories with Editing
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General Questions
Telling Stories with Editing

A puzzled glance. A disappointed sigh. Good editors don’t just use scripted dialog to tell the story, every shot, sound and scene choice should advance it. We’ll discuss editorial storytelling in our second hour today.

Friday 3 May 2024
Show 1501 | Latest in Cloud Tech

Friday’s Show 1501
Latest in Cloud Tech
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General Questions
Latest in Cloud Tech

Office Hours cloud experts will discuss the latest cloud trends and the future of cloud production in this roundtable discussion.

Saturday 4 May 2024
Show 1502 | Weekend Q&A

Saturday’s Show 1502
Weekend Q&A
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General Questions
Weekend Q&A

A marathon session devoted to Q&A for your most pressing production related questions.

Sunday 5 May 2024
Show 1503 | Introspection

General Questions
General Questions

Production discussion along with philosophical topics. Not recorded, live streaming for members only.
Join us.

Member Events

Conversations with Tony Mobley


0000Z | 5pm (PDT) | 8pm (EDT) | 12am (GMT)| 1am (CET)

Thank You Five – Weekly QnA Panel

Every Wednesday

0200Z | 7pm (PDT) | 10pm (EDT) | 2am (GMT)

Bringing theatre artists from around the globe into a conversation about live theatre in a digital world with a spirit of gratitude and innovation.
Ask questions and watch five new artists each week wrestle with the question: “What is Theatre?”

If you’d like to participate check out the website:


Birding With Lois

Birding With Lois is archived here on YouTube